Why is it that, in this era of tremendous prosperity, so many individuals struggle with anxiety-related issues? It is estimated that one in three Americans will struggle with anxiety at some point in their lives, with hardest hit demographic being women ages eighteen to twenty-nine. This is a phenomenon for which there is no good explanation.

"You Can Visit, But You Can’t Live There: Keys to Living Free from Fear, Anxiety, and Guilt" is a how-to guide providing anecdotal responses to common problems that prevent us from living the happy, meaningful lives for which God created us.

Through this book you will learn

  • how to stop allowing others to control your time and priorities,

  • how to bounce back from failure or disappointments,

  • how to overcome irrational fear,

  • and much, much more!

Contained within are simple tools we can use to train our minds to effectively process uncomfortable emotions so that we may live full, productive lives, free from fear, anxiety, and guilt.

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