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FUSION Leadership Group is honored to have the opportunity to influence women, children, and entire villages in the African country of Uganda. The executive team of FUSION LG first visited this region in November of 2018 and fell in love with the people of Uganda. Since that time, we've had the opportunity to expand our ministry to the East African country of Rwanda, as well! Miraculous doors have been opened for us to positively impact various areas of this amazing culture.

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Click HERE to go to Maisha Child Sponsorship page.



It's our great honor at FUSION to support Robert and Milly and ease the burden so they can extend their reach to these children and the community.

Maisha School/Orphanage was founded by Robert and Milly Kikomeko in 2013 to provide quality education to the poorest district in Uganda, Kagadi. This young couple (35 and 27, respectfully) are making great sacrifices to see that the cycle of poverty is broken in their own community. Over 120 of the 350 students are orphans and completely dependent on Maisha Organization for food, clothing, and housing in addition to educational opportunities.


Would you be willing to sponsor a child?
If so, please click HERE for more information on the Child Sponsorship Program through FUSION.  Contact Valerie for more information at valerie.fusiongroup@gmail.com.



FUSION-Uganda Women's Leadership Conferences are designed to empower women in this developing culture where traditionally, women had very few choices.


FUSION-Uganda has a team of professional women who are running the operations in-country with financial help from FUSION-US. It is very exciting to be able to train and equip new leaders half way around the world!

Our conference this past April focused on "Resiliency" and how to overcome challenging and even devastating circumstances.

New opportunities are emerging every day for women in Uganda to provide training and hope to different elements of society.

We are equally excited about the opportunity to take FUSION to Rwanda this fall. Stay tuned...



It's difficult for us as Americans to imagine that even in 2020 some communities don't have access to fresh water... until you see it. After our day at Maisha we went to visit some of the foster families to bring them a small package of rice and other meager supplies. Many of the school-aged children were off gathering water from a stream 4+ miles from their village.

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of several people, this well is under way! We encountered a few obstacles but drilling should resume at the beginning of the year. Please check back for updates.



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